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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Zoom Out

To make the best Mario levels you need to see the whole picture

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Maker 2 allows for tons of new ways to make and share levels within the Mario universe. With all the newly added tools, some of the basic stuff has also been enhanced and changed. Previously a Wii U exclusive title, the jump to the Switch offers a lot of new stuff to play around with, including the capacitive touch screen on the handheld device. With this you can place objects and manipulate your newly crafted Mario world. But to do that you have to see everything, which is tough in the default view. Here’s how to zoom out in Super Mario Maker 2.

How to Zoom Out

The answer, when played in handheld mode is as simple as it is for your smartphone. Thanks to the move from Wii U to Switch, Super Mario Maker 2 has a more up to date touch screen to use for creation. What was once reliant on a stylus and single point of contact now has all the multi-touch capability of an iPhone. So to zoom out on your levels just use the traditional pinch motion. Place two fingers on the screen and move them toward each other. To zoom back in just do the opposite and pinch away from each other.

But what if you want to edit your Super Mario Maker 2 levels on the big screen? The controls while in docked mode are totally different due to the touch screen being locked away behind a plastic prison. So how do you zoom out here? The answer is to click down on the right thumb stick. Doing so should pop the view out far from where it was and allow for more robust editing of your creations.

And that’s how to zoom out in Super Mario Maker 2. If you have any questions or tips be sure to share them in the comments below.

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