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Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Guide: Tips For Home-Run Contest

by Dean James


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS just released last Friday and with it came a fan favorite mini-game’s return, the Home-Run Contest. As part of the challenge system found in the game, there are a few records you must set individually as well as with all of your characters, the latter of which is relatively easy. The former is the one this guide is made to help you with completing.

This guide isn’t going to offer some crazy tactic to score insanely high amounts like some have posted online, but rather how to get enough to at least complete the two challenges of hitting the sandbag 984 ft and 1,968 ft across the first and second list of challenges. The two characters I found best to use to get 2,000+ ft with without much problem was Yoshi and Ganondorf, both of which I will provide with details below.


  • Quickly grab the bat the second it will let you and move as close to the sandbag as you can.
  • Jump very lightly and quickly hit Down+A to use Yoshi’s flutter type attack.
  • This attack will hit the sandbag for extensive damage.
  • Make sure not to jump too high when doing so or it will cause the sandbag to fly up in the air and waste time.
  • Try this a few times to get your timing correct.
  • With almost no time left, wind up your bat and hit the sandbag.
  • If you get 120% or more, you should have no problem surpassing 2,000 ft without much problem.


  • As one of the hardest hitters in the game, you simply need to start pounding the sandbag.
  • Utilize Smash Attacks and try to keep the bag near the ground so you can lay out the punishment.
  • Best strategy is to stay around the middle and keep hitting, with Smash Attacks mixed inbetween.
  • Grab the bat at the very end and wind up and lay into the sandbag as time is expiring.
  • With Ganondorf’s strength, you will not need as high of a percentage as Yoshi to surpass 2,000 ft, as the same percentage give or take from what gave Yoshi 2,100 ft provided over 2,400 for Ganondorf.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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