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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Get Gold Coins

Try higher difficulty for more gold.

by William Schwartz


Having gold in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pretty important if you’re into the collection aspects of the game.  The Smash Bros. vault has plenty of things to purchase with the gold that you earn in-game with things like music, costumes, and support items being sold for the currency.

The good news is that you can earn gold by playing just about every mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Classic Mode, World of Light, Smash Mode, Online, or Spirit Board will all earn you gold when you complete matches.

There are some ways to get more gold in these modes.  In Classic Mode you’ll earn more gold the higher the intensity level is.  When farming gold in Classic Mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate, we found that 5.0 was a good starting point to get a nice number of coins for the time spent.

In World of Light you’ll earn plenty of coins for Spirit Battles.  The same goes for the Spirit Board.  Both of these single player modes will net you a nice purse if you complete them. In World of Light it’s pretty easy to outmatch the CPU with an overpowered party so the game does penalize you a bit if you do that.  Try to use a less powerful party and you’ll earn way more gold when the match is done.

Online matches is yet another way to get gold in Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Though the way you go about doing it is a little bit different than other ways.  You’ll actually need to win matches to get another player’s Smash Tag and then you can sell them from the Records option in the Vault Menu.

You will earn gold from playing Smash Mode as well.  Every round that you play against either a computer or human opponent will earn you gold.  After every match you’ll see how much you earned for your time.   The final way that you can get more Gold in Smash Bros. Ultimate is to complete milestone challenges.  These challenges can be found in the Vault as well and each game mode will offer different tasks and rewards.  Some of these rewards are gold coins.

For example:  Removing an obstacle in World of Light will complete a challenge and get you 2000 Gold Coins.  In Classic Mode, clearing it with an Intensity level of 3.0 or higher is a challenge that will get you 2500 Gold Coins.

At the end of the day, if earning gold is your objective you should always be trying to play at higher difficulty when you have the option to, to earn more gold for your time.

This Vault menu option is the big pink option on the main circular menu.  At the bottom right of this menu you will find the Shop with a shopping cart icon.  Open it up and you’ll see what’s for sale and what you can spend all that hard earned gold on.

- This article was updated on:December 10th, 2018

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