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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Get Pikachu World of Light

Use the water to get to Pikachu.

by William Schwartz


Pikachu is one of the Super Mash Bros. Ultimate starters in Versus and Classic Modes, but if you want him in World of Light you’re going to need to find him.  The good news is, Pikachu can be found rather quickly, and it really doesn’t matter which path you take to get to him.

We recommend either taking Sheik or Villager path at the onset of World of Light if you want to get Pikachu the fastest way possible.

Pikachu Location in World of Light

Pikcahu is actually located in an area that can only be accessed by hopping in the river and heading downstream.  Using the two maps below, it should be pretty easy to piece together this small puzzle.  The area itself is accessible through beating a handful of spirit fights that gate your progress to the spot where you must hop in the water.


Once you do hop in the water you’ll have another fight on your hands with a spirit that is guarding Pikachu.  Once you’ve bypassed that, you can then challenge Pikachu to a one versus one to awaken him.  If you win, you’ll add Pikachu to your party and earn a nice bounty of credits, skill spheres, and snacks.

Slide downstream to get Pikachu


After unlocking Pikachu in World of Light you’ll be able to use him throughout the adventure mode of the game.  Of course, being a starter, he’s already unlocked in Versus and Classic Modes.  Regardless of the choice you make at the beginning of World of Light, Pikachu is a character that you can get pretty early on.

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