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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Get SP (Spirit Points)

by William Schwartz


Sprit Points (SP) are another form of currency in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that has a couple of different uses in the game.  These Spirit Points are used in the Adventure Mode exclusively, where you will be able to purchase items from different shopkeepers throughout the World of Light.  Like gold, Spirit Points can be earned in multiple game modes.  This guide will go over some of the modes that you’ll want to stick to if you’re only looking for SP in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Where to get Spirit Points

Spirit Points (SP) can be earned in World of Light battles.  Each battle that you play (outside of the awakening battles) will earn you Spirit Points.  That is, if you don’t make a completely overpowered party.  The game will lessen your rewards if your party is too strong.  Try fighting spirits of equal party strength or with you being at the disadvantage and you’ll earn a lot more SP for the win.

Spirit Points (SP) can also be earned by completing Classic Mode.  Once you beaten Classic Mode with a character you can earn SP at the end.  Depending on how high or low you’ve set the intensity you’ll earn more for high intensity and less for lower.

Completing different challenges will also earn you Spirit Points.  For example, Unlocking a Dojo in Adventure Mode will earn you 800 SP.   There are other challenges across the different modes that will earn you varying amounts of SP, including one for the start of a new game+ mode that will net you 20,000 SP.

Another way of earning SP is by dismissing spirits that you have captured in Spirit Board or World of Light.  Dismissing Spirits will earn you a nice chunk of SP and there are plenty in these modes to collect.  Each Spirit that you dismiss will give you a unique amount of SP and it really depends on how powerful they are. You can see how much SP a spirit will give you when dismissed by heading into the dismiss section of spirit menu and going through the dismissal process before backing out before you actually dismiss the spirit.

Once you’ve got plenty of Spirit Points you can then head into the shops and other NPC areas to purchase items or summon spirits that can help you on your way in World of Light.

- This article was updated on:December 10th, 2018

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