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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Get the Good Ending in World of Light

A tough challenge awaits you at the end.

by Dylan Siegler


The adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, World of Light, has three possible endings, two of which are bad endings and the final of which is the good, true ending. As you could probably guess, this article will contain major spoilers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s story, so proceed with caution.

After defeating Galeem in World of Light, a new map will be opened up to you. This new, dark world is not quite as expansive as the light world you conquered before, but it’s still pretty big. After defeating all the bosses in this world, you’ll fight Galeem’s nemesis, Dharkon. Once you beat Dharkon, however, your work still isn’t done. Yet another map will become available, but this one is significantly smaller than the last two. On this final map, there will be a number of dark Spirits (as well as Dark Samus and Crazy Hand) on one side, and a lot of light Spirits (with Roy and Master Hand) on the other. These basically represent the armies of Dharkon and Galeem respectively. Defeating a member of Dharkon’s army will shift the balance in favor of Galeem, and defeating one of Galeem’s cronies will shift the map towards Dharkon’s darkness. In order to achieve the good ending, you’ll want a perfect balance between the two, so once you’ve defeated a Spirit (or fighter or hand) on one side, go defeat a Spirit (or fighter or hand) on the other side to keep everything balanced.

Once you’ve defeated both Master Hand and Crazy Hand, some new spaces will open up with more Spirits on either side, along with Palutena on the light side and Bayonetta on the dark side, with both Master and Crazy Hands returning as well. Once again, go back and forth defeating the armies of light and dark to make sure the map stays right in between the light and darkness. Once you’ve defeated both Master and Crazy Hands again, they’ll both rid themselves of Galeem’s and Dharkon’s influences respectively and appear at the top of the map, creating a large fissure in between Dharkon and Galeem. Follow them into this fissure and you’ll actually get to play as Master Hand, fighting the armies of light and dark at the same time. After this, if both light and dark are perfectly balanced, then three pathways will become available at the top of the map. The one on the left leads to Dharkon, the one on the right leads to Galeem, and the one in the middle leads to nothing, until you go down it and both Dharkon and Galeem move toward the center.

Choosing to go down the paths leading to Dharkon or Galeem will get you one of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s bad endings. The Dharkon path will have you fight Dharkon again, but once you defeat him, Galeem’s light will blind the universe. Similarly, going down Galeem’s path will make you fight Galeem, and after defeating him, Dharkon will plunge the universe into darkness. So the only thing to do is to head down the center path to take them both on at once. You’ll choose a team of three fighters, allowing you to effectively take on this final challenge with three lives, rather than losing once your first fighter is defeated. There will be a vertical platforming section, then a boss rush, and finally a battle against both Galeem and Dharkon at the same time while they both also fight each other. Defeating them both will initiate the good ending, with “Lifelight” playing as the credits roll. Congratulations, you’ve just achieved Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light’s good ending.

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