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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Play Co-op

Wanna take on Nintendo characters with a friend?

by Kyle Hanson


The Super Smash Bros. series is all about getting together and playing with your friends. Sure there’s a single player campaign in World of Light, but the real meat of the experience comes in multiplayer. But what about co-op? Can you team up with a friend and tackle challenges together? Kind of. Here’s how to play co-op in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

First off, the single player campaign sticks to it throughout. There is no co-op in World of Light. You will have to unlock those characters and Spirits all by yourself, if you want to make it to the very end. Thankfully, World of Light is the odd one out on SSBU’s many other modes.

Classic Mode can be played through with a friend, adding them the same way you add any other player. Just go into the mode, look for the icon at the bottom of the screen and choose it to add an additional player. Connect a controller and have them press L and R simultaneously to join the game. You can both now play through Classic Mode together, making for SSBU’s best co-op experience.

Versus also allows co-op of sorts. Playing a Team Battle will let you join together in your efforts to annihilate AI opponents, or other players. If you just want to be able to team up, this is a solid choice in SSBU.

And that’s how to play co-op in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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