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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Stop Strong Wind and Beat Iggy

Wind too strong? Here's how to fix that

by Kyle Hanson


World of Light, the adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, often presents players with new, interesting, and unique challenges. Yes, each new level boils down to fighting against another character, or a few, but layered on top of that are different elements to make it tougher or more intriguing. Once of these kind of comes out of nowhere though, and players might get frustrated with it, if they don’t know how to move past it. Here’s how to stop strong wind and beat Iggy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Strong Wind first appears for most players on the Kapp’n level, encountered pretty early in World of Light. This particular stage is even tougher to get through because it not only presents you with Strong Wind, but Reduced Buoyancy as well, making for a very tough fight on this water heavy level. If you just try to brute force your way through it, you will certainly have trouble, but there is a pretty easy trick to stop Strong Wind in SSBU.

Snorlax will help. Just to the northwest and past a boulder that requires bombs you will find the giant Pokemon. You gain him after battling in the Spirit Battle here, so rush over here if you want a new Spirit and the way to stop Strong Wind. Of course, this isn’t the only way to do it, as usual with SSBU. Tucked away on the Ability Tree for your character you can also find a trait in the lower left corner that will let you get past it as well.

But to beat Iggy you need more than just stopping the wind. You might also hit the water, so how do you fix the buoyancy issue? Plessie can help here. Also to the northwest, past the nearby treasure chest you will find her Spirit Battle. Once you have both, beating Iggy should be pretty easy. His fight is no tougher than any other, so just focus on your strengths and take him out.

And that’s how to stop Strong Wind and beat Iggy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and World of Light.

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