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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock and Get King Dedede

Unlock King Dedede quickly in Classic Mode.

by William Schwartz


King Dedede is one of the popular characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate if just for his powerful attacks and massive mallet that he carries into battle.  This character can be unlocked in the game through various methods, including Versus Mode, World of Light, and Classic Mode.

King Dedede is mid-way unlock in World of Light and it will take a little time to unlock him in versus as well.  If you are just targeting King Dedede specifically, you can track him down in Classic Mode and unlock him quickly by completing this mode a few times.

There are a few steps that you’ll need to take to unlock King Dedede.  First you’ll need to beat the mode with Donkey Kong.  Like the other starter characters in Classic Mode, you can unlock a group of characters by playing with them and beating Classic Mode.  King Dedede is part of this group and you’ll need to beat Classic Mode four times to unlock him.

How to Unlock King Dedede in Classic Mode

Donkey Kong > Bowser > Pokemon Trainer > Rosalina > King Dedede

To unlock Bowser you will need to beat Classic Mode with Donkey Kong.  From there you can then unlock Pokemon Trainer by either beating Classic Mode with Donkey Kong again or beating it with Bowser.  This trend continues until you reach King Dedede.

Once you do reach King Dedede you will get a challenge like you got for the other characters you’ve unlocked.  You’ll need to beat them at a one versus one match, and if you do, you will unlock King Dedede permanently to use.  If you lose you will need to head back into the Games & More menu to rematch King Dedede at the Challenger’s Approach.

- This article was updated on:December 8th, 2018

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