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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Lucario in World of Light

Unlocking Lucario can be done quickly on Villager's Path.

by William Schwartz


Unlocking Lucario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be done in a number of ways if you’re just looking to play with the character in versus mode or classic mode, but if you want to use him in the World of Light mode you’re going to need to follow some simple steps to get him early.

If you choose the Villager’s path at the beginning of World of Light, you can unlock Lucario as one of the first characters you come across when exploring.  Lucario is located just North of the Race Track with the car that can’t be driven when you immediately come across it.  Defeat the Spirit ahead of Lucario and then head into a one versus one battle to unlock him in World of Light.

Lucario Location World of Light


If you win against Lucario you’ll get them as a playable character, but the win will also net you quite a few Skill Spheres, Snacks, and Cash to spend.  Lucario isn’t a very hard fight, and can be unlocked pretty easily and early if you choose the Villager’s path at the beginning of World of Light Adventure Mode.

After you unlock Lucario you can then use him from there on out in World of Light mode.  Heading into your party menu you will see that Lucario can be selected.  However, if you choose either Sheik or Marth route it will take a little bit longer to progress to the point where you can reach Lucario.

If Lucario is one of the characters that you want very early on in World of Light, the Villager’s path will allow you to unlock him and Link very early in the game to bolster your adventure mode roster. Unfortunately, if you have Lucario unlocked in Versus or Classic Mode he will not be unlocked in World of Light until you find him and beat him.

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