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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Mii Swordfighter in World of Light

Choose Sheik to unlock Mii Swordfighter fast.

by William Schwartz


Unlocking the Mii Swordfighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light Mode is either going to be very quick or it will take some time.  It all depends on who you pick when you are asked to choose between Marth, Sheik, and Villager at the start of the game.  If you choose Sheik and head north, you will be able to unlock the Mii Swordfighter very quickly.  If you choose Marth or Villager it’s going to take some time.  Either way you’ve got to earn Mii Swordfighter to unlock him in World of Light Mode.

Mii Swordfighter Location World of Light

Heading north from the starting area and then east you will encounter a long road that heads into a town east of the waterfalls.  At the north side of this town you will encounter Mii Swordfighter.  You will need to battle through a few spirits to get to him, but once you reach him you will be able to challenge for the unlock.


If you win the Mii Swordfighter battle, you will get them as a playable character in World of Light.  Alongside the new character you’ll get a bounty of Skill Spheres to upgrade your skill tree.  The Mii Swordfighter isn’t an incredibly tough battle, but the spirit battles may give you a challenge if you aren’t properly equipped.

After you unlock Mii Swordfighter you can then use him from here on out.  Just head into the party select screen and select him as your fighter.  If you decide to go either the Villager or Marth routes at the start of the game, it will take quite a bit longer to unlock Mii Swordfighter.

If Mii Swordfighter is a character that you simply can’t live without, it’s recommended that you take Sheik’s route at the start of World of Light to unlock him as quickly as possible.

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