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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Unlock Ridley

Samus' foe may be your friend.

by Kyle Hanson


When trying to unlock characters in SSBU, there are a few ways of doing it. You can just play the game, letting unlocks come as they may. This is certainly the most casual and fun way for many. Others are more strategic, focusing on opening up their entire roster as soon as possible, or making sure to get that one special character they want. For those in the latter group, we’re here to help, breaking down specific ways to get fan favorites. Here’s how to unlock Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Added to the game after a massive fan campaign, Ridley is already set to become a favorite among SSBU fans. His announcement was one of the highlights of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its early promotions. With all of that in mind you might think that Ridley would be one of the tougher characters to unlock…and you’d be right.

Yes, you can just use our easy and fast way to unlock all characters in SSBU, but that still might take you too long, if you’re particularly impatient. Instead you want that focused method we’ve laid out for other character unlocks. Sadly though, this isn’t as easy for Ridley, due to the characters needed.

To unlock Ridley in Classic Mode you will need to complete it using Yoshi or any of the characters before Ridley in Yoshi’s unlock route.  Below you’ll find the order which you will unlock characters by beating Classic Mode with Yoshi.  This may change if you have unlocked any of these characters elsewhere.

Yoshi > Lucario > Marth > Ryu > Ganondorf > Lucina > Ridley

Once you’ve beaten Classic Mode with Yoshi you will get a challenge to unlock Lucario.  You can then beat Classic Mode again with Yoshi or Lucario to unlock the next character in the chain.  This will be Marth.  This pattern will continue to Ridley and beyond.  Regardless of whether you actually win the challenge to unlock any character you will progress to the next one in the chain.  If you don’t win on your first try you’ll find them in the Challenger’s Approach section of the menus.

So, basically, if you want to specifically unlock Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you will either need to unlock other characters first, or head into World of Light.

SSBU’s single player adventure will eventually get you every character in the game, but it might take much longer. For Ridley, he will be unlocked once you defeat The Creature & Flea Man spirit in Dracula’s Castle in the World of Dark section. So, again, not easy. Still, if you can get Marth or Ryu you can get Lucina, and then use her to unlock Ridley.

That’s all the answers for how to unlock Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not ideal answers, but they’re what we have right now. Check back for updates, or share your way in the comments below.

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