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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Unlock Sonic

Sega fans rejoice! Unlocking Sonic is easy. Here's how.

by Kyle Hanson


While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes with 77 character in total, most are locked when you first start the game. There’s many methods for unlocking characters, thankfully, but if you’re looking to get a particular character unlocked there’s some tricks to do it faster. Few characters are more worth the extra effort than the blue blur though. Here’s how to unlock Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sega’s mascot is a particular fan favorite, as he was one of the very first third party characters to be added to the Smash roster. We previously broke down how to unlock all characters, and that method will get you Sonic at a reasonable rate. But if he’s your main, you probably want to know how to do it even faster. Luckily, while others require unlocking other characters first, Sonic is pretty easy, requiring just the default roster.

To unlock Sonic the fastest all you have to do is complete Classic Mode using Mario. Yes, Mario doesn’t unlock his brother, he gets you his 1990’s rival instead. Just play through the mode with Mario, who is available right from the start, and you should do battle with his blue nemesis and unlock him for use in SSBU.

And that’s how to unlock Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Definitely one of the easier characters to get, but still requires knowing what to do, if you want to avoid the grind.

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