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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What Controller to Use

Gamecube, Pro, or Joy-Con?

by Kyle Hanson


Given how massive the game is, there’s little question of whether or not to get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you’re a Nintendo fan, or a fan of the series, it should be at the top of your Christmas list this year. However, there are tons of other questions you may be asking about the game. This includes what controller to use in SSB Ultimate.

Yes, you have a ton of options as you boot up the game. Do you want to go old school and hook up Gamecube controllers for everyone? Is the Switch Pro Controller good enough? Should you just use Joy-Cons? The options aren’t endless, but they might feel like it as you look at the pile of plastic you’ve spent years collecting.

For longtime series veterans the answer is probably simple. Ever since Melee cemented Super Smash Bros. as one of gaming’s biggest and best franchises the Gamecube controller has been the standard. Not much has changed on the way to Ultimate’s release, and if you fell in love with the Gamecube’s layout, it’s a solid choice this time around for SSBU.

However, after years of dealing with USB adapters and other annoyances, there does seem to be a true competitor this time around. While the Joy-Con options are all decent, especially if you’re strapped for spares and have tons of friends looking to play, the Switch Pro Controller is a very solid choice. Hell, the game even comes with a Limited Edition one if you get that bundle. Having tested all of these options, I would say that the Pro Controller is the best choice for the majority of players.

Not only is it wireless, but it’s simply easier to get one and get going with your game. Swing in your local game store and there’s almost certainly one on the shelf, or maybe you already have one at home. The same can’t be said about Gamecube controllers, which are being produced now, but still aren’t as prevalent. So if you’re asking me which controller to use with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate my answer is the Pro Controller, though if you can get a setup with enough Gamecube controllers, that’s a definite treat and worth the effort.

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