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Tales of Arise: How to Get Bizarre Megacore

Here's where to find Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise.

by Adam Braunstein


Tales of Arise has some really cool weapons you can get your hands on, though in order to get some of the best ones, you’re going to have to collect materials to craft them. One of these materials is called Bizarre Megacore. Along with the intriguing title of the item comes some difficulty with finding them. Enemies typically drop a decent amount, but knowing what enemies drop Bizarre Megacore is a total crapshoot and unless you are writing it down every time you see an enemy drop it, you’re going to be out of luck. That’s what this guide is here for! This is everything you need to know about Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise.

Where can I find Bizarre Megacore?


Luckily, there are enemies in just about every location of Elde Menancia that will drop Bizarre Megacore. The caveat being that these are some of the toughest in the area, but hey, you want the spoils of war, you have to fight the battles first. Here are the locations and enemies that drop them.

  • Traslida Highway and Quarry– Golems called Granilem’s will drop them in both of these locations.
  • Gilanne Woodland- Forest Ropers will drop them here. This is a tough enemy that is weak to Alphens Flaming Edge
  • Traslida Highway, Tietal Plain– If the Golems give you trouble, take out the Earthen Mass’s instead.
  • Underground Waterway– Ooze will drop these. These enemies are susceptible to Astral Artes, but resistant of physical attacks.
  • Adan Lake, Mobile Fortress Gradia– Creepzilla aka the Zeugle that turns invisible.
  • Aqfotle Hills– Tempestuous Mass will drop these. They are located in clusters.

Now, while all the enemies above drop Bizarre Megacore, they don’t always do so. So it’s a bit of trial and error to get the amount you need.

How Can I Farm Bizarre Megacore?


There are several spots that are just prime for collecting Bizarre Megacore fairly early on in the game. Gilanne Wood and the Underground Waterway are easily the two you want to focus on, although the former is a bit easier to farm because you will have unlocked Battle Chaining by then. See, Battle Chains lets you chain fights together by jumping in one after another and the greater the number of enemies you fight, the more rare the items will be.

While this doesn’t always mean a Bizarre Megacore drop is going to happen, you’re more than likely going to grab a handful if your Battle Chain meter is high enough. Keep in mind that you actually have to survive the fights to get the items though, so load up Rinwell and Shionne with whatever Fire Artes you have in store and get out Alphen’s Flaming Edge and get to work.

What Weapons Require Bizarre Megacore?


Everyone but Alphen has weapons that require Bizarre Megacore. Keep in mind that other weapons not listed here require different materials. Below is the full list.


  • Ignis Roar (2)
  • Blackthorn (4)
  • Refined Blackthorn (4)


  • Silver Sword the Owl (8)
  • Balanced Living (2)
  • Radiant Light (6)
  • Nature’s Beauty (4)
  • Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Edition (2)
  • Taming Water: 2nd Edition (2
  • Artes of the Cosmos (8)
  • Radiant Light: Part 2 (2)
  • Dark Wings (8)


  • Feline Bastion (8)


  • Columna Latio (8)
  • Petram Pole (10)
  • Tenebris Staff (8)
  • Refined Petram Pole (2)
  • Refined Tenebris Staff (2)


If you want to avoid an annoying journey of backtracking later on, it’s strongly recommended that you spend some time in the farming areas and get your Bizarre Megacore into the 100s if you can. Is it fun? Well, yeah it is because Tales of Arise’s combat kicks ass and at worst you’ll be learning new Artes while doing it. The main reason though is that you’re going to be stockpiling for weapons you won’t even have access to until hours down the road. When you finally find the vendors that sell the ones that require Bizarre Megacore, you will be fully ready to craft them.

Tales of Arise is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2021

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