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Tales of Arise: How to Use the Flaming Sword

Time to burn the whole twisted system down.

by Andron Smith


Tales of Arise’s characters each have their own individual perks and move sets so if you’re planning to main Alphen, you’ll definitely want to know how to use the flaming sword. Early in their adventure, Alphen and Shionne discover they can use the flaming edge to liberate their world and have no qualms in doing so. This sword opens Alphen’s move set wide open and adds a nice amount of additional damage to combos as well. It only gets better the further into the game you get as more titles and skills unlock that add to the number of flaming edge skills Alphen can wield. Here’s everything we know on how to use the flaming sword in Tales of Arise.

How to Use the Flaming Sword in Tales of Arise

To use the flaming sword in Tales of Arise, you’ll need to first use an arte with a flaming edge extension and hold down the button once executed. Alphen will draw his alternate sword and there is a short queue-up time for the move before it is executed. Note that per its name, all of these moves early on are fire damage-based. See below for more info on how to identify artes with these flaming edge extensions and how to unlock more.

Burn, Baby, Burn

To confirm if an arte has a flaming edge extension, open the main menu then head to the artes menu and check out Alphen’s moves. Below the name of each sword arte that Alphen obtains will be text that reads as follows from left to right: Aerial or Ground Attack | AG Cost | Arte Type | Flaming Edge Extension. If the edge extension is in yellow then you have the move and can hold down the button once that arte is executed to draw the flaming sword. If it is in blue instead, then you’ll need to learn it. Here’s how:

  • Progress through the story
  • Check your skills/titles often as more unlock from major events as well as different in world achievements you complete
  • Titles such as “Blazing Sword” have upgrades that improve Alphen’s abilities as well as adds new flaming edge extensions you can use
  • Once unlocked, more artes will have their own extensions and eventually, you’ll be able to bring the fire with every move you do

Tales of Arise is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the rest of our Tales of Arise guides while you’re here!

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