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Tell Me Why Chaper 2 – Garage Box Unlock Code

How to unlock and open the box

by Kyle Hanson


The most common puzzle in Tell Me Why is having to sift through the Book of Goblins to find some clue or code to open up something that’s locked away. There’s a few cases of this, often with the choice to just bust the lock and get in without doing all the hard work. Another one of these appears near the end of Chapter 2, with Alyson and Tyler discovering the garage set on fire by some mysterious man. What was he trying to hide? Apparently whatever is in the box under the floorboards, but it’s locked up. Here’s how to unlock and open the garage box using the code in Tell Me Why Chapter 2.

Garage Box Unlock Code

Skip ahead if you just want the answer, because first we’d like to guide you with some tips, in case you can unlock and open the garage box yourself. The biggest clue is the eye-like symbol on the top of the box. This will guide you to the story “The Goblins Earn Their Voice”. With most of these puzzles they are pointing to something within the story, such as how certain characters act or gifts that they offer. However, for this you’re looking for a more visual clue, with the numbers hidden on the pages of this story.

So, what is the garage box unlock code? 130, as seen on the pages of The Goblins Earn Their Voice. To see them just look in the background and you should spot the numbers within the art on each. Enter that into the lock and submit to unlock it. Open it up and you’ll find the next clue to the history of this family and their friends. Hopefully that helps answer any questions about how to unlock and open the garage box using the code in Tell Me Why Chapter 2.

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