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Tell Me Why Chapter 2 – Which Picture is Which Person

Drawing puzzle solution

by Kyle Hanson


One of the more unique aspects of Tell Me Why is how it integrates the Book of Goblins, a collection of seemingly unrelated childrens’ stories, within the narrative. Each story seems to be tied to events that impacted this family, and the friendly woodland critters featured within often correspond to real people within the game’s world. This became clear in the first chapter, but expands greatly in the second. The game forces you to think about this even more when it asks you which picture is which person in the drawing puzzle in Tell Me Why Chapter 2. Here’s the solution.

Which Picture is Which Person – Drawing Puzzle Solution

While the previous door puzzle had you diving deep into a single story, the drawing puzzle is more abstract. It’s testing how much you’ve thought about the characters in the stories and how they might relate to the people you’ve encountered throughout the game so far. The memories you’ve uncovered while cleaning the house are even bigger clues though, so you don’t need to go reading all the stories in the Book of Goblins to understand this one.

Before you are Tessa, Eddie, and Sam; three friends of Mary-Ann’s that helped her while she lived by herself, taking care of Alyson and Tyler. Each offered help in their own way, which correspond to the three animals depicted in the drawings. Which is which though? That’s the key to the puzzle, and figuring it out can give you a better understanding of the events to come. For those who have struggled enough, here’s the answer.

Tessa is the pelican, providing food when needed. Eddie is the moose, showing the family how to catch their own food. And Sam is the bear, always watchful and ready to protect them from any perceived danger. So that’s which picture is which person in the drawing puzzle in Tell Me Why Chapter 2. Once you’ve got them lined up with the people in front of you just check with Tyler to confirm. These will be important points to keep in mind, so try to remember who did what as you ask your questions in the hours ahead.

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