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Temtem – How to Hatch Eggs while Breeding

How long does it take to hatch Temtem eggs?

by Kyle Hanson


Like the other creature collection type JRPGs that came before it, Temtem features an extensive breeding system. Through the Breeding Center players can use two similar creatures to generate an egg that could be even better than either one of them. But while much of this is easy to understand and explained in the game, some small stuff has left players wondering what to do. To help, here’s a quick guide on how to hatch eggs while breeding in Temtem.

How to Hatch Eggs

If you want to know how to breed and get eggs in the first place, check back for more on that later. For now we’re just going to explain this one aspect that seems to be tripping up a lot of players. What do you do once you get that egg handed to you from the breeding center in Temtem? Simple, carry it with you for awhile.

Eggs in Temtem need to be carried for between five and forty five minutes, depending on various factors, before they will hatch. You can place them into the terminal if you’re not ready to slot them into your team, but the timer won’t run while they’re in there. Instead, if you want to hatch eggs in Temtem you need to put them into one of your team slots and carry them around till they hatch. If the Temtem that’s in the egg has an easier catch rate then it will hatch quickly, but others will drag on for the entire forty five minute time limit.

However long it takes, just having the egg in your team and carrying it for some time will help. Do it long enough and eventually it will hatch. And that’s how to hatch eggs while breeding in Temtem. Be sure to let us know if any other aspects of the breeding process are confusing you and we’ll get some guides ready.

- This article was updated on:January 24th, 2020

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