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Temtem – How to Save and Delete your Character

Create and destroy your save file

by Kyle Hanson


Temtem is the sort of game that you put dozens or hundreds of hours into, by the time the adventure is over and you’ve exhausted all the gameplay opportunities. But on this journey you’ll need to make sure the game tracks all your progress, or you could lose all of that hard work. Thankfully there’s a fantastic save system in place right at launch in Early Access, but it isn’t fleshed out for the player to understand. So let’s break it down. Here’s how to save in Temtem. But once you know that you may want to know how to delete your character in Temtem too.

How to Save

You don’t have to. Yep, Temtem features a full and robust auto save feature that requires no input on your part. The game keeps track of pretty much everything, including your current location, inventory, and team of Tem. There’s no clear indicator when the save feature kicks in though, so the more cautious player might be wary. To make sure things are set when you’re ready to quit you should hit Escape or Start to go into the menu, head to the Gear and choose Quit. Once you have a character saved you may want to know how to reset, so here’s how to delete your character in Temtem.

How to Delete your Character

Once you have earned your second Tem you have unlocked the ability to delete your character and start over. To do this you need to load into the game, since it can’t be done on the main menu as of now. Once inside just hit Escape or Start and click the Gear then Settings. On the first page here and at the bottom is the ability to reset your character. This is a one way trip though, so you better be sure of this. Everything will be wiped out and you’ll start from the beginning of the game, so only trigger it when you’re fully ready.

And that’s how to save and delete your character in Temtem.

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