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Temtem – Where to Find and Catch Oceara

How to catch Oceara in Temtem

by Kyle Hanson


Temtem built itself on the shoulders of the giants of the creature collecting subgenre of JRPGs. Following in the footsteps of Pokemon, Digimon and many others, the newly release MMORPG tasks players with filling out a massive collection of various characters, all found throughout the world of the game. While some, such as the starters, will appear to you in pre-defined locations and times, others must be tracked down. And some of those are especially tough to find, and often highly sought after due to their design and power. Oceara is one of these, so here’s where to find and catch Oceara in Temtem.

Where to Find and Catch Oceara

Much like Nessla, another fan favorite water type Temtem, Oceara can be found on only one island in the game as of this Early Access period. In fact, it’s the same island: Deniz. This makes sense as it’s said to be the home of many powerful and rare water Temtem. But just getting there won’t do the trick for Oceara who is not only very rare but also only spawns in one known location as of now. That would be the Aguamarina Caves. But before you try to get there you will need to know how to get the surfboard.

Head inside and be ready to spend a lot of time wandering. Currently it’s not exactly known what makes Oceara spawn within the caves, but there are a few places we know it can appear. In the water near waterfalls seems to be the key, with two rooms in particular offering a chance at the rare spawn, one of which can be found after entering the caves from the east side then heading north and down the slope into an alcove with a waterfall. Explore the cave as much as you can, looking for these types of locations then surf around in the water until you encounter one. After that you should know what to do, but check out our guide if not.

And that’s where to find and catch Oceara in Temtem.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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