The Best Abilities in V Rising: Which Vampire Powers Should You Use?

I choose the form of a bat.

by J.T. Isenhour


Playing as a vampire in V Rising obviously means you will have some vampiric powers to use. But how can you know which Vampire powers are the best to use in V Rising? While you don’t have to worry about which abilities you should equip, you do want to know which ones you should go for first. You’ll have to put in a lot of work in order to get many of these powers and there is nothing worse than finally getting the power only to feel like you wasted your time. Let’s go over the best vampire powers to get in V Rising.

The Best Vampire Powers in V Rising

No matter the build you choose to go, there is no better vampire ability than the ability to heal. That’s why one of the best vampire powers is going to be Blood Mend. This power allows you to consume your stored blood to heal yourself. The best part of this power is that it is something that you have from the beginning of the game, no need to jump through any hoops to get it.


While the first power is a given, the next power will require you to beat Beatrice the Tailor to get. Once you defeat them, you will obtain the Human Form vampire power to use. This is a great way to get quartz or any other material you need since when you are disguised as a human you can interact with traders and buy stuff. You do need to be careful when you use this power though, as it increases your blood consumption by a large amount.


No set of powers is complete without a get out of jail free card and to kill this card you are going to need the kill the Putrid Rat. Killing the rat will grant you the rat form, which is great to use if you want to avoid detection or to aid in escaping from enemies if you can break sightlines. Just be sure you don’t get caught using this power as taking any damage will make you transform back into your regular self.

Finally, you will need to get yourself a traversal power, and you have two options in that department. You can either kill the Alpha Wolf to get wolf form or kill Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer to get the classic vampire bat form. The wolf form is a great early game power to get since it is quite easy to get and gives you insane movement speed. However, once you can, getting the bat form is a must.


Transforming into a bat will allow you to fly across the map and get over any terrain that normally gets in your way. The wolf is great for following paths but the bat is perfect for taking a direct line from point A to B. if you need any more help with V Rising make sure to check out our other guides.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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