The Best Early Game Hero in Iron Marines Invasion

Some heroes make others look like sidekicks

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Heroes are special units that add an exciting element to Iron Marines Invasion, though some prove to be more effective than others. In the early stages of the game, one hero clearly stands out as the best.

The Best Hero in Iron Marines Invasion

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Halford is by far the best initial hero in Iron Marines Invasion. He feels somewhat broken when you first start the game. He has an amazing area-of-effect damage output thanks to his Gun Jutsu skill, and he can perform it while moving once you spend 5 skill points on this ability.

Although Holoclone might seem uninteresting at first, it does make your enemies stop shooting you for a moment to focus on your illusions. This might be enough to keep a member of your troop alive or to finish off enemies while they are not shooting you. Finally, there’s the Suppressive Fumes ability. It deals a good area-of-effect damage and can be deployed far from Halford, allowing him to be useful and dominate choke points even from a distance.

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Ultra is extremely competent all the way up to the late game. She excels when put together with numerous troops, such as Rangers and Jackshooters. Her damage is high and her most powerful ability, Bravo Team, summons two more units.

Although Bravo Units are temporary, their time on the battlefield increases with each kill. On top of that, they leave landmines when they die or when their time is up. Ultra’s Every Soldier is a Hero makes her troops invulnerable for a short time. However, as long as she has at least one unit under this effect, she cannot die. This is pretty good when you have a bunch of Rangers and Bravo Team units taking the front against a tough opponent.

Despite Ultra’s strengths, I still feel an enormous gap between her and Halford, who even dwarves the next hero you will unlock, Bomett. Maybe things start to change once you unlock Munisai, who is undeniably impressive, but if you like Halford, you can keep him around throughout the entire game because he is that good.

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