The Best Legendary Farming Spots in Diablo 4

This guide will cover the best farming spots for legendary equipment in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
Best Legendary Farming Spots Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 is about grinding and looting the highest-rated armor and weapons. Legendary gear is the most rare out of all the tiers, and it can take some time and effort to track them out. There are great farming spots, though, that have an increased chance of dropping legendary weapons and gear, which should be your go-to spots. This guide will cover the best legendary farming spots in Diablo 4.

Best Farming Spots for Legendary Equipment in Diablo 4

While any location in Diablo 4 has a chance to drop legendary gear, there are a handful of spots where players have the highest luck. Below you will find dungeons with a high legendary drop rate and additional methods that can increase your chances.

Legendary Farming Spot #1 – The Forbidden City Dungeon

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The Forbidden City dungeon in the Fractured Peaks region is the first dungeon you should try farming for legendary gear. The best way to reach this location is to fast-travel to the Menestad Waypoint and head north. Inside this dungeon, you will be faced against Spirited Knight Elite enemies and Animus Carriers that love dropping legendary gear. It also helps that this dungeon usually has an event where the treasure chest at the end drops legendary equipment more often than not.

Legendary Farming Spot #2 – The Frozen Tunnel Cellar

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Another excellent farming spot for legendary gear is The Frozen Cellar, just southwest of Kyovashad. Inside this cellar, you will find an event that tends to drop around three pieces of legendary equipment, and the fact that it is such an easy cellar makes this a great spot to return to. To quickest way to reset the cellar is to join a party, finish the cellar, leave the party, and repeat.

Outside of the cellar, just a bit to the west, is an event that puts you up against waves of enemies (shown in image below.)

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This event resulted in legendaries dropping almost every time, and when I participated in the event numerous times, there were two legendary drops each time — one sword and another a helmet. To reset the event, fast-travel to the nearest location and return to its location.

Legendary Farming Spot #3 – Champion’s Demise Dungeon

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Another great farming location for legendary equipment in Diablo 4 is Champion’s Demise in the Dry Steppes region. This dungeon is challenging but worth it, as it always seems to have legendary drops. This dungeon can take some time to complete, as you will need to fight through waves of enemies — but the result is a boss that will reward you plenty. It also helps that this dungeon is a prime spot for experience points farming.

To get to this dungeon quickly, fast travel to the Jirandi Waypoint and head northeast. Once this dungeon is completed, you can reset it by leaving and returning to it in a minute or two. Sometimes it can take longer, but fast-traveling somewhere and returning to a dungeon location does the trick.

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Legendary Farming Spot #4 – Cull the Wicked World Event

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Radiance Field Cemetary World event in Fractured Peaks is another prime spot for farming legendary equipment in Diablo 4. This location’s world event is pretty simple as you fight against waves of skeleton enemies and then against a boss. Players can complete this World Event relatively quickly, and the boss loves to drop legendary armor. There was one time when I got a weapon out of it, but it is primarily armor when it comes to legendaries.

To get to this location, head to Kyovashad and go southeast. Resetting a World Event is as easy as fast-traveling to a waypoint and returning to its location.

Legendary Farming in Helltide Events

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Helltide Events is the best way to farm legendary equipment in Diablo 4. These events only become available once a player has completed the main questline and has unlocked World Tier 3, but once it is available, it should be the go-to spot for finding the best gear.

Helltide Events start appearing on the map in World Tier 3 and are only active for 60 minutes at a time, and it is highly recommended that you stay in these Helltide Events as long as possible. Each event will grant the player with Aberrant Cinder — an item that players can convert into Tortured Chests. Tortured Chests always seem to drop legendary weapons and armor, making it the best way to farm these rare items.

Legendary Farming by Killing Treasure Goblins

It wouldn’t be a legendary farming guide without mentioning Treasure Goblins at least once. Treasure Goblins spawn randomly across the map and can be easily spotted by their glowing essence and how quickly they move. When you spot one of these monsters, you will want to kill it immediately. Killing this monster fast will increase the chances of it dropping a legendary weapon. The bad news about Treasure Goblins is that players can’t farm them, as there is no definite location where they tend to appear a hundred percent of the time.

Legendary Farming in Fields of Hatred

Last but not least, we have Fields of Hatred. Fields of Hatred are locations found across that map designed for PVP battles. PVP will require some skill, so it is wise to prepare as much as possible and obtain legendary equipment at the locations mentioned in this guide.

Inside the Fields of Hatred locations is a high spawn rate of Elite Enemies — and Elite Enemies mean more legendary drops. While the chances are still rare for Treasure Goblins, I have seemed to have more luck finding them in the Fields of Hatred location than anywhere else.

There are two locations currently that are homes to Fields of Hatred. These two locations are Alzuuda in the Dry Steppes and Denshar in Kehjistan in the southwest Sanctuary region. You will know when you have entered into a Field of Hatred when a notification appears on your screening telling you so.

So now that you know where to get legendary equipment, focus on upgrading them as much as possible. You’ll need essential materials such as Iron and Silver Ore, Veiled Crystals, and more! Finding all these materials may take some time, but once you do, the Blacksmith will be your go-to for all upgrade needs (which can be found in most towns and cities across Sanctuary.) I discovered that salvaging all of my equipment was the fastest way to get materials for upgrading the gear I currently have equipped.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2023

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