The Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners

Here are the Heroes you'll want to stick with if you're new to Overwatch.

by Noah Nelson


Overwatch 2 is ramping up and, if you’re new to it, finding which Hero is best for you can be intimidating. Especially for a sequel that isn’t seeing a lot of change, Overwatch 2 can seem especially daunting just by looking at the roster of characters that many players across the globe are already proficient with. That said, it is never too late to get into a game, even a highly competitive one like Overwatch. For these reasons, here are the best beginner Heroes to pick in Overwatch 2.

Best Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2

With 34 characters currently slated to come to Overwatch 2, finding the right character for you can be tough. For starters, there are three main roles or classes in Overwatch that will carry over to the sequel, although there will be some character class changes. The three roles are Damage, Support, and Tank. Though it is a good idea to play each class and see which one fits you, there are certain Heroes that lend themselves to new players.

Best Damage Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2

If you are familiar with Call of Duty, VALORANT, or any other FPS, you’ll feel right at home with Soldier 76. Soldier 76 has a sturdy Heavy Pulse Rifle that will feel very familiar to newcomers. He also has an automatic sprint while running forward and his Tactical Visor will automatically aim at enemies that are in range. On top of these friendly abilities, he also has the ability to launch Helix Rockets at enemies and deploy a Biotic Field to heal yourself and your allies. Soldier 76 is the ultimate beginner Hero for newcomers to play.

The other Damage Hero great for beginners is Cassidy. Though Cassidy is a bit harder to master than Soldier 76, if you do, you’ll have a lot of success playing him. The hardest part about playing Cassidy is you’ll need to land your shots with his Peacekeeper revolver. Luckily, Cassidy has a lock-on ability called Deadeye that will help you land those shots. Cassidy has a useful Combat Roll to avoid incoming damage and has a Flashbang to catch your enemies off guard. All-in-all, Cassidy is really simple to use but has a lot of utility when mastered.

Best Tank Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2

The best Tank Hero for beginners is Bastion. Tanks are designed to stay in the front and soak up damage while providing protection to the rest of the team. Bastion has two solid guns: one that works well for moving forward, and one that unleashes tons of bullets while stationary. He also has a literal Tank mode which equipped him with a cannon. If all else fails, Bastion also has a self-heal ability.

The second easiest Tank option for beginners is Winston. This guerilla gorilla has a pretty straightforward kit, which makes him friendly to new players. Winston is equipped with a Tesla Cannon which emits electricity at your foes. He also has a Jump Pack which works to keep him in the fight and a Barrier Projector that stops all bullets coming in or out. Lastly, he has Primal Rage which greatly boosts your health but makes it so you can only melee enemies.

Best Support Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2

For beginners, the best Support Hero to try is Mercy. Much like the other beginner Heroes on this list, Mercy is the best example of a Support Hero in Overwatch. Mercy is equipped with a Caduceus Staff that either continuously heals your teammates or continuously increases their damage. Since she has wings, she can fly around the battlefield, making her extremely mobile. She also automatically heals herself over time, can revive fallen allies, and, if all else fails, has a blaster of her own.

The next Support Hero for beginners to try is Moira. Moira has a healthy balance of support and damage with her Biotic Grasp that can either heal the allies in front of you or deal long-range damage that replenishes your healing abilities. She has a grenade called Biotic Orb and a beam shot that both hurts enemies hit by it and heals allies. She also has a safety net with Fade which allows her to disappear from view and turn invulnerable, although you won’t be able to fight.

Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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