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The Best Perks and Items in Blackout Battle Royale

Use these items at the right times and you might wind up the winner.

by William Schwartz


Blackout Battle Royale is unique because of the different perks, equipment, and weapons that can be found on the map.  Standard weapons, health, and body armor are going to be important in helping you survive, but knowing when you’ve found something that is truly useful can make the difference between finishing in the middle of the pack or #1.

Timing is everything with these items.  The longer you can hold onto these powerful items the better chances you’ll have when it comes down to the end of the game.  We’ve found that having these perks and items at the end of a Blackout match will give you a huge advantage against 3-4 remaining players.

Here are some of the best perks and items that you’ll find in Blackout Battle Royale.

Best Perks in Blackout

Paranoia – The Paranoia Perk is one of the best perks in Blackout because it allows you to get an audible indication when someone is aiming down sights on you.  This perk can be incredibly helpful when someone is lining up a shot on you, giving you a heads-up that it’s time to find some cover.

Dead Silence – One of the biggest ways that people are going to know where you are in Blackout is going to be because of the sounds that you make when walking or running.  With the Dead Silence perk your footsteps are much more quiet.  Opponents will have a hard time pinpointing your exact location while still being able to move freely.

Awareness – Like Dead Silence, the Awareness perk focuses on sound.  Since it’s one of the biggest giveaways for enemy position, having the awareness perk allows you to have super human hearing.  Pop the Awareness Perk and you’ll better be able to determine when enemies are close by.

Best Items in Blackout

Sensor Dart – Want an easy win in Blackout?  Head to the final showdown/circle with a sensor dart.  Shooting the sensor dart will allow you to see exactly where your enemies are by looking at the orange dots on the mini-map.  It works just like it does in traditional Call of Duty multiplayer.  The dart will show you the location of enemies for as long as it is active.  Remember to place it in a tactical location to make sure it isn’t shot out by other players.

Grapple Gun – The grapple gun in Blackout gives you the ability to get where other players can not go.  Using Ruin’s grapple gun to climb onto buildings that have no ladders puts you in a position where you face very little danger of getting shot, while giving you an elevated position to pick-off enemies.  If the final circle ends around buildings, the grapple gun is one item that can really prove beneficial in getting the W.

There are other powerful items that can be found in the Blackout Mode.  Head over to the Blue Light to find different Zombies items, like the Ray Gun.  You may even find Battery’s Grenade Launcher if you’re lucky.  Though these items listed above will be easy to find in any match of Blackout Battle Royale.

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