The Chant: What Should You Upgrade First?

Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Christian Bognar

The Chant, like most games, has a skill tree system where you can upgrade abilities. Jess’s abilities are divided into three main categories, mind, body, and spirit. Players may wonder which skills are the most important and which should be upgraded first to have the most success through the trippy cult-like adventure. Here we will go over the most critical upgrades you should focus on at the beginning of the game.

Best Upgrades to Focus on First

Sometimes you will find yourself in a pickle and have to complete a puzzle involving keys, like the Cannery while getting attacked with no resources to defend yourself. Players can find the upgrade in the main menu, where you can slide over to the upgrades tab. There will be a skill tree here which can be confusing at first, and you shouldn’t just go ahead and spend your ability points randomly. It would be best if you upgraded these things first, and then you can focus on the others later.

Body Upgrades

First and foremost, you want to upgrade your body to a higher level. This is essentially your health in the game, and some enemies can be difficult, so you want to give yourself some leeway. Resources are limited in this game, so having extra health to get yourself out of tight situations will make all the difference whether you survive or not.

Spirit Upgrades

Your next upgrade should focus on spirit. Raising this part of Jess will allow her to use her special powers more against the enemies she will encounter. This can include stasis, which slows down the faster enemy types, where you can unleash a bunch of attacks on them to kill them effectively. This can make or break whether you win a fight, so you want to focus on this early on.


Resource Upgrades

Next, you should focus on upgrading resources to be more potent when using them. Most importantly, ginger will allow you to heal yourself to a more considerable degree. We have already established how important health is in the game, where enemies can deal significant damage depending on the difficulty you are playing, so this should be the main focus.

These are the three skills you should upgrade at the beginning of the game. As you progress and get further into the Chant, definitely focus on the other ones as well but early on, these will be the most beneficial to you on whether you survive against the beasts.

The Chant is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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