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The Division 2: How To Get More Ammo

Never run out of ammo in The Division 2 with multiple ways to get more.

by Dean James


As with any type of shooter, ammo is one of the most vital keys to your success in the game. That was the case in The Division and it is certainly no different in The Division 2. There is not just one way to obtain ammo though, so you can use this guide to find out just how to get additional ammo in the game.

How To Get More Ammo

In the Division 2, you will be playing through a variety of different missions as you play through the story, along with even random skirmishes against AI characters as you’re walking the streets. That is not even to mention when going into the Dark Zone against other live players.

With all the opposition you will face, you will need plenty of ammo to survive. First of all, you will always have your pistol available that you can switch to with no worries of running out of ammo. However, this is more focused on other guns that you will have.

The most common method of obtaining additional ammo is from loot drops by enemies. Always keep an eye out for beams of light after killing enemies, with the ammo ones being signified by a white beam. This can get a little frustrating early in the game, as the basic gear is also white, but the ammo drops will be much more clear when you’re only getting higher level gear drops instead.

While the ammo drops from enemies are helpful, the best method to get more ammo are the actual ammo chests found scattered throughout the game. You simply have to interact with these chests to open them up and completely fill up your ammo. Even if you have only used a bit of ammo, I always recommend grabbing more from these crates, as you never know how long it’ll be until you find the next one.

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