The Division 2

The Division 2: How To Increase Skill Power

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Skills were always one of the best parts of The Division and that has carried over into the sequel as well. The Division 2 has even more skills to choose from than ever, and you can enhance them even further by raising your Skill Power. You will learn just how to increase your Skill Power in this guide.

How To Increase Skill Power In The Division 2

There are a few different reasons why it’s worth your while to increase your Skill Power in The Division 2. First of all, having a higher Skill Power will improve your skills outright. Secondly, there are some mods and attachments that require you to have a Skill Power to use as well.

Leveling up your Skill Power is not as simple as going and earning more XP or anything in the game, but rather it is reliant on what you have equipped on your agent.

Skill Power will not be a factor early in the game, but as you start acquiring higher level gear, you will start noticing some that have attributes that specifically add Skill Power. There is really not specific type of gear type, color, or level that has Skill Power boosts, so you just have to keep looking whenever you acquire new gear.

This is also the case for new mods and attachments, as some of them will add boosts to Skill Points as well. Lower level gear rarely has slots for mods or attachments anyways, so it’ll be awhile before you can raise your Skill Power to much higher levels. However, the wait will be very much worth it once you start building it up and getting boosted skills and access to new mods and attachments as a result.

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