The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – How To Find Contradictions

Turn the tables on the witnesses.

by Dean James
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Ace Attorney series has many features that are staples across each of the entries, with most of them revolving around the courtroom itself. Arguably the most common thing throughout the series is where the prosecution brings out a witness and completely turns the tables on you to make you or your client look very guilty. This will require you to find a way out of this trouble by finding some contradictions in the witness’ statement, which this guide will explain how to do in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

How To Find Contradictions

There are many different characters that will end up making statements in the courtroom that can really change the course of a trial. That means you’re going to have to find the holes in their stories somehow, which is often not very apparent. The statements in which this is possible is when it turns green and goes back over what they said in their previous statement.

What you need to do in these moments is to Press the witness by hitting L1 on PS4 or the respective button on other platforms and get more information out of them. Sometimes this just provides extraneous information that doesn’t really help you, while other times it can provide that chink in the armor that you need.

When you notice something that doesn’t seem right, be ready to press R1 on PS4 to Present evidence to contradict their statement. You can always back out of the Court Record that opens up when you press this if you don’t think you have anything good after looking, but it’s always a good idea to check.

Be careful when you are presenting evident to try and contradict the witness though, as this can get you strikes that will eventually lead to a game over in the trial if you do it incorrectly. Really the key here is to be smart and pay attention to what they are saying and then look at the court record to see if there is anything there that would go against what they are saying. You do have a number of strikes to work with though, so don’t be afraid to be bold at times to try and see if something will work out.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is available for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you need any additional help with the game, make sure to check out our other guides for the game.