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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – How To Get To The Beach

No sword to help you quite yet.

by Dean James


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening still has one of the most iconic openings in the entire series with Link washing up on Koholint Island and being found by Marin. After waking up in Marin and her father Tarin’s house, Link is instructed to go back to beach where they found him. It might not be so apparent actually how to navigate this area, so this guide will explain how you can get past an obstacle that is seemingly blocking your way.

After you wake up, make sure to talk to Tarin to receive your classic Hylian Shield. Now leave the house and left left until you can’t go left anymore and then start heading south. You will very quickly reach the beach area here, which is full of Octoroks that you need to be careful of. Use your shield with R to protect yourself from their projectiles.

Your shield is also going to come in handy in just a second, as you’ll notice something spiky blocking your path. These Sea Urchins that block your path will hurt you if you touch them, so you have to find a way past them. You can’t just walk around here, so what you have to do instead is hold down R to bring your shield out and press against them as you keep walking. Doing this will force the Sea Urchin in the other direction, allowing you to get through. Do this to head towards there shore where you will finally find your trusty sword and be ready to truly start your journey on Koholint Island.

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