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The Medium Guide – Where is Jack’s Tie Clip

How to find Jack's tie clip

by Kyle Hanson


Throughout your time in The Medium you will be tasked with solving a number of puzzles. These aren’t too difficult, usually just asking you to locate and use an item somewhere in the currently available world. The very first time this happens is right at the beginning, asking Marianne to find Jack’s tie clip in order to prepare him for his funeral. But the game hasn’t explained how these hunt and find sections work just yet, so many players are left wondering “where is Jack’s tie clip” in The Medium. Well, here’s how to find the tie clip.

Where is the Tie Clip

As you explore Jack’s small apartment, perfectly situated above his own funeral parlor, you’ll have a lot of things to look at and do. You can feed the cat, or explore Jack’s history through letters and his medals. But the tie clip seems elusive no matter where you look. The answer is found in the Insight system, which is basically a hint mechanic that you are required to use at certain points. If you want no spoilers then this should be enough to get you back on track to finding the tie clip, but keep reading if you need more.

The tie clip is found underneath the clock near Jack’s medal display. Just head here and interact with the spot on the wall to look at them. Hold LB to trigger Insight, highlighting energy within the world which should show you the location of the tie clip under the clock. Once you let go of the button you can interact with the clock to find the tie clip below. Grab it and you can head toward the next section of the game.

So that’s the answer to “where is Jack’s tie clip” in The Medium. Hopefully knowing how to find it gets you into the better sections of the game.

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