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The Medium – How to Get Into Niwa Hotel

How to Unlock and Open the Doors

by Kyle Hanson


Your journey into the world of The Medium starts in an apartment in Poland but quickly shifts to the countryside where Niwa Hotel awaits. Arriving at the destination, Marianne finds it dilapidated and abandoned, but is determined to get inside anyway. Once you arrive at the hotel proper you find it locked up tight, with the doorknob missing and no apparent way in. Of course, there is a way, and we’re here to explain it. Here’s how to get into Niwa Hotel, past the locked doors in The Medium.

How to Get Into Niwa Hotel

After exploring the entrance and forested area around Niwa Hotel you come across the building itself. A concrete cube full of rust, broken glass, and overgrowth, it’s a scene straight out of Silent Hill and other top tier horror games. The parking area out front is actually quite massive, but you can walk right up to the door, giving you a sense that there’s more here to find. And that’s truly the case as you find the front door locked tight and blocked from any entry. However, there is a way in.

To the right is another locked door, with its handle missing. This is the key to the main entrance, so your goal now is getting past the locked door and into this area. To do it you need to explore the parking area. There’s some interesting things to find here but the one that gets you inside is to the left when facing the building. Walk down this way to find a broken down car. Look inside and you’ll be able to pop the hood, triggering a jump scare. One you’re done with the inside of the car just back out and look in the newly open trunk.

Inside you’ll find a screwdriver, which is the key to getting into Niwa Hotel. Bring it back and use it on the door to the right to get in there. You can explore this area a bit, but the main goal is pushing the garbage bin out so that you can use it as a step up to the broken window above. Do this and you’ll find yourself inside of Niwa Hotel with the rest of the game ahead of you.

And that’s how to get into Niwa Hotel, past the locked doors in The Medium. This quick puzzle cements a lot of the game’s mechanics in your head so keep it in mind when you come across issues in the future.

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