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The Outer Worlds Brave New World (Save Phineas) Walkthrough

It's the end of the Board as we know it.

by Brandon Adams


The Board has finally caught up with Dr. Phineas, just as you rescued the Hope. They have taken him to the prison planet of Tartarus, so that means it’s time for The Outer Worlds final quest: Brave New World.

Chart a course for Tartarus.

Return to the Unreliable. When you approach ADA you will be sat down by your crew to discuss what is about to happen. This is the end of the game, so everyone will share their concerns. This is a point of no return: once you set out for Tartarus you cannot go anywhere else or do anything else until you complete Brave New World.

So, if you have any lingering side quests or companion quests you want to finish, do so now (and if you haven’t finished the MSI/Iconoclast quest chain yet, do so, because it will affect the ending (and yes, there is an option to bring the two factions together, if peace is what you seek)).

Set course for Tartarus: the game will give you one final warning before letting you save. Once you arrive, ADA will speak with you, and a corporate trooper will comm you. You can try and get a biometric ID for the planet by passing either a 78 Persuade, 78 Lie, or 78 Intimidate. If you cannot then prepare to either fight your way through, or to stealth like a damned ninja.

Bit of a twist though: depending on your choices in-game backup will appear. You can have crews from the Groundbreaker, Iconoclasts, and MSI appear to help.

And they will go in hot.


Push through the prison towards Phineas.

At this point, it’s all up to you how you want to proceed: use stealth and your shroud as your friends fight (assuming you have friends), attack everyone you see. This is the final push, and there are no hard consequences to your general actions here, aside from your Board rep decreasing if you attack. This will only be an issue if you plan to align with them later.

Work through the goons towards the double doors in the back and take the elevator down. You’ll have to cross a wide area without backup, so either push aggressively, use your shroud, or stealth the hard way to the other side. Once through you will find a room on the left before the next restricted area full of vending machines and a workbench. Resupply and upgrade as needed.


Go to the door and you’ll move on to The Pit. Once you finish loading in it’ll be the same as before, but you’ll be moving down and around the perimeter. If you have 55 Lockpick you can jimmy the door on the right and create a shortcut. Once on the lift head up. If you’ve made friends with the Iconoclasts (or persuaded them to ally with Stellar Bay) they will drop in to assist. Once more: loud, stealth: your call, just get to that waypoint.

You eventually come across a sealed door, use the terminal next to it to unlock it. Walk inside and find one of two things: your favorite corporate asshole, Chairman Rockwell, standing in front of a camera, or no one if you killed Askande after trying to betray Phineas yourself prior to Brave New World. Walk inside and he’ll confront you. He’ll address each of your active companions, before turning back to you. You’ll get some dialog choices, but nothing of impact for the first few lines.


You can eventually make either a 90 Lie, 90 Intimidate, or 90 Persuade check in an attempt to placate the man, and he will try and advocate saving his skin if you succeed. If you can’t pass the check he will remain defiant and need to be dealt with. Once you’ve either convinced Rockwell to work with you, or you’ve “fired” him, you’ll move forward into the next restricted area in your quest to save Dr. Phineas.

Go up the lift and this time MSI and Sanjar join the fight if you allied with them (or helped them make amends with the Iconoclasts). Like before you are free to fight, stealth, or stroll on by with your shroud as you head towards the next quest marker.


Confront the surviving Board leaders.

Now it’s time for the final confrontation with Akande or the Rockwell (depending on if Akande is alive). If it’s Rockwell he will not negotiate: you will have to battle his automechanicals. If you have to fight him (or choose to fight Akande), there is a door and terminal below that, with 100 Lockpick and 100 Hack, can be used to turn the automechanicals against your opponent.


Kite R.A.M. around the room, and deal with the combat drones as they appear. R.A.M. has a weakspot on his back that can be hit if you cripple him by shooting his legs while in TTD. He shield will absorb most damage aimed at him, so use TTD to line up precision shots as well. Once down you can loot the hibernation key from its body.

Rockwell (or, Akande) will attack once you enter, so dispose of them, get the chairman’s key, and free Dr. Phineas; you’ll get some dialog and will have beaten The Outer Worlds, with violence!

Akande can at least be dissuaded in Brave New World if you want to conclude the game more peacefully. She has Dr. Phineas in a hibernation chamber, and is convinced she can not only convert him over to the Board’s side, and that the Lifetime Employment Program is the only way to save the colony. You can try and talk her down instead of fighting her.

You will need either 100 Persuade, or 90 Intimidate if you wish to resolve this peacefully (Charm just spins her up further). If you can’t pass these checks you’ll get another chance if you have either 55 Science, 55 Hack, or 55 Engineering. After these you’ll have to pass one final set of checks for a peaceful resolution: either 100 Intimidate, or a combination 90 Lie and 90 Hack check. If you can’t pass either of these prepare for a fight.


If you were able to convince Akande to stand down she will leave the room and surrender Dr. Phineas. If you have to fight your way in, prepare to battle her automechanicals. Once inside the room you will find the Chairman’s key, and you can use it to free Dr. Phineas.

Enjoy your last bit of dialog with Dr. Phineas and the following cutscene, where all of your choices will be reflected on. You’ve not only completed Brave New World, but the entire game. Congratulations: The Outer Worlds was a helluva ride.

If you’d like to try some new choices we have more The Outer Worlds guides on our guides page.



- This article was updated on:October 24th, 2019

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