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The Outer Worlds – Damage Types

Dominate Halcyon by mastering the various damage types.

by Brandon Adams


The screen is pulsing purple, your health is falling, and you have no righteous idea what the hell is happening. If only you had learned about the different damage types in The Outer Worlds maybe you wouldn’t have died so horribly.

There are five different damage types.

Both you and your enemies can deal five different types of damage, and depending on what you are fighting you can use a certain type to your advantage. To start, the five damage types are:

  • Physical (white icon) – weak against armor
  • Plasma (red icon) – good against flesh and Mantisaurs (does damage over time)
  • Corrosion (green icon) – good against armor, including Automechanicals, Mantisaurs, and Heavy Armor enemies (does damage over time)
  • Shock (blue icon) – Good against Automechanicals (periodically stuns enemies)
  • N-Ray – Bypasses armor entirely, but weak against non-organics (does damage over time to target and anyone near it; stacks to deal more damage over time).

The Science skill passively buffs plasma and shock damage, and you can increase corrosive and n-ray damage by 25% when you’ve invested 60 points into Science. It benefits you to keep a stock of weapons with each damage type to better tackle the various enemies in game, though n-ray is a good all-rounder for the majority of enemies you’ll encounter. A weapon’s damage type will be displayed in the lower left corner of its portrait, and any damage type you are afflicted with will be displayed next to your health bar.

Those are the damage types in The Outer Worlds; with intelligent use they can demolish all that stand before you, but they can also bring you to your knees, so be careful.

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