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The Outer Worlds Foundation Walkthrough

Turns out Akande didn't care for you helping Adelaide.

by Brandon Adams


The Outer Worlds Foundation quest is for the psychopaths in the crowd, because it’s time to remove Edgewater, and all its citizens, from the map. After talking to Akande, head for Edgewater and go to the geothermal plant; you have bloody work to do.

Go to the geothermal plant, then Edgewater.

When you enter you’ll find a Captain Hogarth; if you can pass an 80 Lie or Persuade check you can reach the terminal you need without interference. If not, then either kill your way there, or use stealth. Once at the terminal go ahead and run the termination protocol; you’ll give the order to the automechanicals in Edgewater to start killing indiscriminately.

Now you need to go back to Edgewater and take out the errant automechanicals; the Board needs this to look like an accident after all. Be sure to bring shock weapons to make life easier. Work your way through the town, using your compass to locate the bots. Put all of them down; there are only a handful and none are hiding anywhere. Once this is done, return to Akande in Byzantium.

Talk to her and Foundation will conclude. Akande will have one final task for you: to board the Hope and send it on a skip jump to the prison world of Tartarus. You’ll be given the penultimate story quest Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, and when it’s done you’ll move on to the final mission in the game, Brave New World. Once you are done speaking with Akande, head back to your ship and set course for the Hope. This will trigger Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, which is functionally the same quest whether you sided with Dr. Phineas, or turned him in.

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