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The Outer Worlds – How to Block and Parry

Become a nimble swashbuckler, in space!

by Brandon Adams


You’re a melee-swinging, sword slashing, hammer smashing baddass, or you would be if you knew how to block and parry. In The Outer Worlds it isn’t cosmic, and requires only a single button to do.

Block with the left-trigger/right mouse button, and parry by blocking as an attack lands.

While wielding a melee weapon you can block incoming damage via blocking. All you have to do is hold down the left-trigger/right mouse button, as if you were aiming down the sights with a ranged weapon. This will reduce the damage you take, even from bullets, so it’s an effective way to close the distance between you and your enemies.

Parrying requires a touch more finesse, but it’s also simple to do. Before you can do it, however, you need 20 skill points in Block to unlock it. As an enemy is about to strike you use your block. You’ll knock the enemy back and they’ll be staggered for a brief moment, allowing you to close the gap and deal damage uninterrupted. This doesn’t work for bullets, however: no deflecting them back towards the enemy like a Jedi. Though, at 100 Block you will increase the damage an enemy takes by 100% for 5s with a successful parry, so that’s nice.

And that’s how to block and parry in The Outer Worlds. Use these techniques to keep yourself alive, and to keep your enemies on their toes. Mastering the parry will go a long way in keeping you alive longer, especially in fights where you are surrounded.

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