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The Outer Worlds – How to Get All Science Weapons – “Weapons From the Void” Walkthrough

These are some of the coolest weapons in the game.

by William Schwartz


In the Outer Worlds you can get Science weapons which have unique properties. These powerful weapons have abilities like being able to shrink enemies, strong melee weapons which can instantly knockdown or stagger enemies, or even control enemy’s minds. All of the Science Weapons can be found during the Weapons from the Void mission, but to start this mission you actually have to do something first.

To start the Weapons from the Void mission you have to find the Gloop Gun. This is a weapon that is locked away in a glass case that can be found fairly early on in the game if you can find the key card nearby the locked case. Once you find the Gloop Gun you will get started on the Weapons from the Void Mission.

Weapons from the Void will take you galavanting around the galaxy picking up four new Science weapons with unique powers. On this mission you can get:

The Outer Worlds Science Weapons

  • Mind Control Ray – Cascadia
  • Mandibular Rearranger –
  • Prismatic Hammer –
  • Shrink Ray – Phineas’ Lab

Plus you’ll have the Gloop Gun for a total of five unique weapons.

After getting the Gloop Gun you simply need to follow the quest line as it is fairly straight forward.  It does have multiple steps though with only a couple of parts which might throw you a curve.

The first is finding Hawthorne’s Terminal.  This terminal is located on your ship, The Unreliable.

After that you’ll need to go to Phineas’ Lab, Groundbreaker, Scylla, and the Abandoned Lab to collect all the pieces and complete the Weapons from the Void mission and collect your Science Weapons.

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