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The Outer Worlds – How to Heal

Heal your wounds and boost your abilities too.

by William Schwartz


Healing in The Outer Worlds is done with a unique inhaler that you can use as many times as you have charges for it.  This Emergency Medical Inhaler takes Adreno syringes and they’ll be plentiful throughout the world.

To heal you need to press the L1 Button (PlayStation) or the LB Button (Xbox).  Using the inhaler will use one charge from the Adreno Syringe.  Heading into your inventory screen will show you how many Adreno charges you have in total.

The Inhaler can also be outfitted with other consumables as well.  With four consumables able to be stored in the inhaler, the result of using it can vary wildly as it activates all slotted consumables simultaneously.

Depending on which other consumables you add to the inhaler you could increase your base health altogether, increase movement or attack speeds, remove effects, increase damage output, and more alongside the healing properties of the device.

Anytime that you need to heal just hit the Left Bumper to get a quick burst of healing.  The standard inhaler charges will not heal you completely and it will not be instant either.  It takes a few seconds to get the complete heal from the inhaler.

- This article was updated on:October 26th, 2019

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