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The Outer Worlds – How to Holster Weapon, Put Away Gun

If you want to be friendly put away your guns.

by William Schwartz


You’re going to be visiting plenty of friendly places in The Outer Worlds, and you might not want to keep your weapon in-hand while doing so. People may not respond to you if you’ve got a shotgun in your hands while walking around, so from time to time you might want to holster your weapon and put it away. This quick guide will explain how to holster your weapon in The Outer Worlds.

The holster weapon button is the same as the reload button. However, instead of just pressing this button you will want to hold it instead. Press and hold the Square Button (PlayStation), or X Button (Xbox) to put away and holster your weapon.

How to Holster Weapon

PlayStation – Hold the Square Button

Xbox – Hold the X Button

If you want to draw your weapon you can do so quickly by pressing the Left or Right trigger on Xbox or PlayStation. Press the Square Button (PlayStation) or X Button (Xbox) will also draw your weapon when holstered.

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