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The Outer Worlds – How to Increase Skills Past 50

After level 50 you need to assign points individually.

by William Schwartz


The way that the skills work in The Outer Worlds is a little bit different than other games.  Skills are placed in core groupings and then within those groupings there are specialized skills that need to be upgraded individually once you’ve reached level 50.  This guide will explain what you need to do to upgrade those core skills beyond level 50.

So as you earn skill points from the beginning of The Outer Worlds you will be sinking those points into the seven core groups:  Melee, Ranged, Defense, Dialog, Stealth, Tech, and Leadership.  Prior to level 50 for that group you can only put points into the overarching group.

Once you have gotten the skill level of the core group to level 50 you will then have the ability to add single points to the skills within that group.  For example, once you’ve gotten your Stealth Skill to level 50 you will have the ability to put individual points into the Sneak, Hack, and Lockpick skills individually.

Actually once you’ve gotten to level 50 in a core ability this is the only way to upgrade individual skills past level 50.

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