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The Outer Worlds – How to Lockpick

Force your way into these locked boxes for items

by William Schwartz


In The Outer Worlds there are some boxes and chests that you won;t be able to get in without a lockpick.  The lockpick is much like the hacking ability, in that you need a combination of items and skills to open locked chests.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly what you need to open locked doors or chests.

Lockpicking in The Outer Worlds is done by using Mag-picks and the number of Mag-Picks that a lock requires is determined by the amount of Lockpick Skill you have.  Mag-Picks can be found all over the world and are one of the most common things that you’ll find in the game.  These small circular items are found just about everywhere and you can find them in your inventory.

If you’ve got Mag-Picks in your inventory you’ll be able to open just about any locked door or chest, assuming you have enough of them.  When a door or bin is locked when you walk up to it you will see a circular overlay letting you know if you can open it or not.  If you’ve got the right amount of mag-picks you’ll be able to unlock the

Picking locks is done by using Mag-picks.  If your skill is high enough to break the security you will see how many Mag-picks and how long it will take to break the lock.  The ability to open locks is directly tied to the your skill.  You can get mag-picks by exploring the world and picking them up.

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