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The Outer Worlds – How to Mod Weapons and Armor

Modding your weapons and armor can help you survive.

by William Schwartz


Weapon mods can make the weapons you find out in the world a lot more powerful, but you’re going to have to find a couple of things to actually mod weapons in the Outer Worlds.  To get started you’ll need to find weapon or armor mods and a workbench and then you can start making your weapons and armor more powerful.

The two things you’ll need initially are weapon mods and a workbench.  Both of these are fairly common in the Outer Worlds.  Weapon Mods can be found all over the world and you should have no shortage of them if you do just a little amount of searching.  The next thing you’ll need is a workbench like the one shown in the image above.  Workbenches are fairly easy to come by as well and the game will notify you each time you find one.  They will also be shown on your mini-map with the icon of a hammer and wrench.


Once in the Workbench Menu the first option you’re going to see if “Modify”.  This is where you’ll want to be to use Weapon Mods.  Select the weapon that you want to modify and this will bring up a new screen showing you which mods can be equipped to this specific weapon.

Weapons and Armor each have different mods that can be used.  Weapons can be modded with things like Sights, Barrels, and Magazines depending on the weapon.  Armor can be modded with things like new utilities, different armoring types, gadgets, and more.

Once a mod is installed in a weapon or armor it cannot be removed.

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