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The Outer Worlds – How to Remove Helmet

Take your helmet off or your companions'

by William Schwartz


So you’ve spent your time in the character creation menus to craft the perfect character and you don’t want that beautiful face to be hidden all game?  Well, there’s good news.  You can remove your helmet without taking a penalty to your defensive stats if you only want the cosmetic effect.

To do this you will want to open the pause menu and then head into the settings menu.  Under the gameplay tab you will find that there is an option to remove the player helmet under the general settings tab in this menu.

Pause Menu > Settings > Gameplay > General > Show Player Helmet.

In this menu you’ll also find that you can choose to show companion helmets or not.  There aren’t that many times where this will come in handy, but you will notice the companion stuff a little more than your own.  Unless you do much break time where the game goes into third person view, you rarely see your characters face in this game being that it is first person with no third person option.

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