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The Outer Worlds – How to Store Items

Store your favorite items for later use.

by William Schwartz


In The Outer Worlds you’re going to come across a ton of different things that will clog up your inventory.  There are weapons, armor, consumables, mods, parts, quest items, and junk.  Unfortunately, you’ll also have to contest with a carrying capacity as well so you can only carry so much.  There are numerous ways to trim down on your inventory, but if you’re not ready to part with an item by either selling it or junking it, you can store it on The Unreliable (Your Ship).

Since you’ll be spending plenty of time on your ship, this will be the best spot to store items you want to hold onto while reducing your carrying weight.  Simply walk up to any bin and you can initiate an item transfer.  Which will show you the screen above.  Simply highlight the item you want to transfer over and follow the prompts on the bottom of the screen to transfer the item to storage.  If there is more than one of the items you can select how many you want to put into the storage bin.


While it’s understandable that you might want to keep some items, like weapons or armor, you definitely do not want to store your junk.  Instead, take that Junk to a vending machine and sell it for bits instead.  You could also break down weapon or armor items for parts instead of storing them.

If you are set on storing the items, simply head into The Unreliable and you’ll find three lockers at the entrance.  Walk up to the locker to start the transfer process and store any items that you want there.  The Unreliable has numerous bins to store items.  The lockers at the entrance have three slots to store items, while the Captain’s Quarters upstairs has a large bin as well.

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