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The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Walkthrough

Time to finally crack open a few cold ones.

by Brandon Adams


The Board wants to turn the whole colony into popsicles, and in the process jettison the existing colonists on the Hope out into the cold of space. In The Outer Worlds penultimate story quest, Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, help either Dr. Phineas or Ajutant Akande bring the Hope home.

Board the Hope and route auxiliary power to the Unreliable.

Dock on the Hope, and begin by routing auxiliary power from the Unreliable to the colony ship via the terminal behind the docking pad. Once that’s out of the way you will need to patch ADA into the Hope’s communication systems, which are through the docking bay doors behind the terminal.

The pro-Akande variant of this mission will render all the people friendly, so you can skip ahead a bit in this guide; only the automechanicals will be hostile, with only a few patrolling until you wire power from the Unreliable to the Hope. The exit methods below still apply, and you can still talk to Duncan for a shroud card: see below for the required skill checks.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Hope Bridge Key early, there there are a couple corporate stooges wandering the bay, whom you can either use 2 Pickpocket to steal a key from, or kill for the same result. If not, there are a few keys to be found as you venture deeper within the Hope.


There is a UDL captain, Quincy Duncan, in front of the restricted sector who you can con into giving you a UDL pass for your shroud. You’ll need either 80 Lie, 50 Engineering and 50 Lie, or 50 Science and 50 Lie. If you convince him you are a part of the UDL mission, he will open the door to his left, where a UDL identification tag can be found. You can ALSO unlock the doors into this area for 50 Lockpick.

Additionally, there is a ladder leading to an alcove above that is perfect for sneaking in undetected, allowing you to use some catwalks above to get in with no one the wiser.

Of course, you can always shoot your way to every objective if that is how you like to live your life. Kept Secret But Not Forgotten isn’t gonna judge you, outside some reputation drops if you are assisting Dr. Phineas.


Give ADA access to the comms.

Either way, you should be able to get a key for your shroud, which will make entering quietly possible. Head into the restricted zone and head towards the communication console. There are automechanicals, so try and sneak around those in case your shroud drops near one. In the bay full of the metal bastards, go up the ramp on your left to find a Hope Bridge Key and another UDL identity key. For 75 lockpick you can also bust open the door in this room, which provides a shortcut to the communication terminal, away from the bots.

Once at the control console you’ll find two bots: take them down if you wanna refresh your shroud without worrying about reinforcements, or try and stealth around them if you don’t want to fight. There is another Hope Bridge Key in here, if you took a different route to get inside. Once comms are routed Kept Secret But Not Forgotten will update, and you’ll be tasked with going to the main console and setting the skip location. Straight ahead, back pass the cryo-pods you’ll find a locked door you can open with the bridge key you’ve acquired (or 50 Lockpick if you couldn’t be bothered to grab one).

You can reset your shroud in here, and use the elevator to go up to the next deck, where the main terminal is located. The locked door in this room can be opened with 50 Lockpick, and will lead to another cryo-pod chamber with sprats, lore, items, and a flamethrower 2.0 that deals massive damage.


Take the elevator up and make your way towards the bridge. You’ll pass through another restricted area, but it’s a short jaunt towards the bridge. Either take the center door, or visit the flanking rooms if you want some items and bits. Once at the bridge terminal patch ADA in. You can ask her if you are doing the right thing, tell her to hold, or send the Hope on the skip jump.

Either do it yourself, or have ADA make the calculations. Sit back, and enjoy your cutscene. Once it’s done head back to your ship. You can’t fast travel, so repeat what you did to get to the bridge to make it back. Your shroud should be more than enough, and you can easily walk back uninterrupted.

Once back on the Unreliable Kept Secret But Not Forgotten will conclude with you receiving a distress call from either Dr. Phineas, or a message from Chairman Rockwell, depending on who you were helping during the quest.


End of Mission: Phineas.

For Phineas, it seems the Board has finally found him (whether for plot reasons, or because you tried to turn him in and got cold feet at Akande’s proposal in Long Distance). Set course for his lab, and pack some heat.

Once you land, head to Dr. Phineas’ lab as you usually would. You’ll find corporate guards patrolling the area, and Phineas missing . The usually locked door into his safe room is open, so either sneak in, or take out the guards. When inside you can hack his terminal if you have 85 Hack, or you can use the passcode within the dead cystypig in the room. The terminal will have a message from the doctor telling you he has been kidnapped and taken to the prison world of Tartarus. You will also need to open a hidden panel that contains a care package he left you.

Turns out Dr. Phineas suspected this day would come, and he left you a Nav Key for Tartarus. You’ll officially finish Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, and will begin the final quest: Brave New World (Save Phineas).


End of Mission: Chairman Rockwell

Rockwell will call you with a distress call: Phineas has started a prison riot and taken Akande prisoner. The chairman needs you to come down to Tartarus, quell the riots, and rescue Akande. He will give you a landing code for Tartatus, and after you get off the line the crew will sit down with you and discuss the upcoming mission. You’ll finish Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, and get the Board’s version of the final quest: Brave New World (Save Akande).

Guides for both variants, as well as other The Outer Worlds quests, can be found on our guides page.




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