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The Outer Worlds Long Distance Walkthrough

Become the Board's lethal enforcer.

by Brandon Adams


You’ve sold Phineas out and planted a trace into his communication console. You’re about to meet with Adjutant Sophia Akande for the first time, and in Long Distance, you’ll become the Board’s enforcer.

Go to Byzantium to talk to Akande.

After installing the trace, return to the Unreliable and talk with ADA; Akanda will call you and give you the coordinates to her personal landing pad in Byzantium. Set course and head there. Once you land head inside, where you’ll wait a second for a guard to clear you. Go upstairs via the elevator and you’ll find you are back outside the chairman’s office, but the door on the right is now accessible. Walk in and talk with Akande.

She’ll express her shock at your turning Dr. Phineas in before telling you to grab the doctor’s bounty from the receptionist, Percival, out front (who also has a wide list of top tier items for sale). You can press her for more information, and Akande will admit to the mass starvation occurring within the colony. If you agree to help her with the Lifetime Employment Program, and you’ll either need to earn her trust via the quest The Demolished Woman (if you are doing Long Distance early in the game), or you’ll need to wipe Edgewater off the map if you installed Adelaide as its leader.


If you go forward with either of these you will have to kill a lot of people, and it will piss off your companions and the other factions in the process. You don’t have to agree, but it’ll lead to Akande and the guards attacking you if you say no. Long Distance will end, and your story quest will continue wherever you left off. The events towards the end will be altered slightly, considering Akande is no longer breathing, but the endgame will remain the same.

Now, assuming you’ve agreed to assist Akande with slaughtering all who stand between her and the Lifetime Employment program, you’re next move may be to head to Edgewater and begin a purge. Outside of killing everyone yourself, Akande has a plan: return to the geothermal plant and program the automechanicals she is delivering to Edgewater to turn on everyone. After, you will return to Edgewater and remove the automechanicals.

This will lead into one of two Board story quests: Foundation (if Adelaide is leader of Edgewater and you are doing Long Distance after Radio Free Monarch), or The Demolished Woman (if you are doing Long Distance prior to finishing Radio Free Monarch). Collect your reward from Percival and Long Distance will conclude. You can always divert back to whatever Phineas story quest you were on before proceeding with Akande’s quests.

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