The Quarry: Should Laura Snoop on Max or Not in the Prologue?

Are some secrets best left undiscovered?

by J.R. Waugh


Choices in The Quarry are not always life-altering, but subtle in their consequences.  Despite it being a horror game by any definition, it has its fair share of human drama, and the protagonists are constantly given situations in which their instincts take over and it can leave a ripple effect behind.  In the prologue, we have a charming couple of Laura and Max driving toward Hackett’s Quarry a day early, only to have them quickly run off the road by a mysterious sighting.  Upon getting out of the vehicle, Laura catches a glimpse at something Max is hiding in the trunk.  Should Laura Snoop on Max or Not in the Prologue of The Quarry?  Read more to find out, but be careful, there are minor spoilers ahead!

Should Laura Snoop on Max in The Quarry?

Final spoiler warning.  This is the first decision you must make on a timer, not counting the QTE which are more about reaction than decisions, but if you press the action button to snoop, you won’t find any grim secrets but a shameful one.  You’ll find a letter from the university to which Max applied.  It is a letter of rejection, and Max is keeping it a secret from Laura, as it’s the school where they both applied.  This doesn’t affect the progression of the Prologue or even get mentioned, but it might be best not to snoop at all as you get to later parts of the story, as it turns out not knowing can still be beneficial.

When playing this game, keep in mind you’re role-playing as the characters, and even actions such as investigating will have lasting impacts as it’s information they can’t unlearn.  When playing as a couple whose bond is yet to be properly tested, keep in mind that snooping through their belongings without their knowledge is something that comes into play.  Just because a timer appears above action doesn’t mean you need to use it before time runs out, it’s just a test of your judgment.  But, for the sake of completionism, you’ll eventually want to snoop anyway, to have events play out differently down the road.

This concludes our guide on the question: Should Laura Snoop on Max or Not in the Prologue of The Quarry?  Be sure to check out our other guides, and our review!

The Quarry releases June 10, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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