The Rarest Fish in Final Fantasy XIV and Where to Catch Them

Time to begin catching these extremely rare fish in Final Fantasy XIV!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV is always in the minds of Final Fantasy fans and MMORPG players in general. The game is constantly evolving and while some players are learning how to take amazing screenshots with Gpose, others will be playing through the various quests on offer at all times. Alongside the various side activities, it is extremely easy to get lost in an abundance of other sections of the game. One of these is fishing. This article will inform you of some of the rarest fish in Final Fantasy XIV.

Rarest Fish in Final Fantasy XIV and Where to Catch Them

If you are looking to make yourself known across the community as one of the best and most well-known fishers around to the standards of a Free Company buying a real-life billboard then catching these fish will certainly do that work for you. The table below will let you know of the fish, how to catch them, and where to actually find those underwater creatures.

Fish Name Where and How to Catch the Fish Mentioned
Shonisaurus You will be taking a visit to Coerthas Central Highlands or inside of Coerthas in general if you want to get a chance to catch this extremely rare fish. The best bait to have with you is by using “Mooch” with an “HQ Cloud Cutter.” You can find the Shonisaurus in clear skies and blizzard conditions.
Meteor Survivor Traveling to Lower La Noscea at The Salt Strand will give you a chance of getting this fish. You’ll need to be there specifically during 3am-5am in-game time. Weather Conditions can be wind, fog, or clouds. Other than that, a Rats Tail bait can be utilized to acquire the fish. 
Kuno the Killer This fish is extremely time-consuming to catch thanks to the fact you’ll have to be of 399 gathering level or higher. The bait used is the “Mooch” ability. If you have an HQ Goldfish with you, that’ll be ideal. Lakes will also be where you want to fish for Kuno within the game.
Blood Red Bonytongue Mooching is yet again the way of catching this fish. You’ll want to mooch for this fish with the HQ Silverfish. Mor Dhona, at about 8am with Clear Skies will be one of the key times and conditions. However, you will also have to have a level of 375 gathering or above to catch this fish.
Ninja Betta A 6pm-9am time within Mor Dhona at The Tangle will ensure you get a great chance of catching this fish. You will need a mooch chain of an “HQ Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish” and then the “HQ Assassin Beta.” Conditions can be of a “Gloom” weather.

As can be observed, there are many things you will need to ensure you have prepared for each fish so be sure to stock up on gill by using poetics if you need to buy bait. Time to get ready to go fishing!

Final Fantasy XIV is available now at this very moment on the platforms of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2022

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