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The Surge 2: How to Get the Force Hook

Extreme exo-sports, and more traversal.

by Brandon Adams


In The Surge 2 you’ll run across a dizzying amount of exo-lines, but have no way to use them; until you enter the A.I.D Command. There lies the Force Hook!

Progress through A.I.D. Command and find the Force Hook at the end.

Once inside the A.I.D Command progress as you normally would; your bounty is at the end of the zone and pushing forward normally will lead you to it. You’ll eventually make your way to the A.I.D Entry Control Gateway and from there the Liang Wei Hospital. Make you way up top to the Liang Wei Hostpital – Overlook, dispatching foes along the way. You’ll reach a point where you can go no higher, and will see an open chest in front of a exo-line with a red pick-up. Run over and you’ll find yourself the proud owner of the Force Hook.

The Force Hook allows you to travel down exo-lines, not up. Nonetheless, this little gadget will open up a bunch of shortcuts for you to use, including exo-lines that will take you back to the med-bay in the A.I.D. Command and a line that will take you toward the zone’s boss encounter. You can also go back to older zones and see where the exo-lines take you.

That’s how to acquire the Force Hook in The Surge 2: progress as you normally would through the A.I.D. Command, make your way to the top of the Liang Wei Hospital, and grab yourself a Force Hook. There will be a quest NPC near the med-bay who wants a Force Hook as well, and you’ll get a weapon if you give him yours. After that, just make your way back to where you got your first Force Hook for a new one.

- This article was updated on:September 23rd, 2019

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